University of Iowa nursers union accuses regents of ‘ banned practice ’ in contract addresses

After two logrolling sessions and a many proffers and counter offers, the state Board of Regents canceled all forthcoming meetings with the union representing further than,800 University of Iowa Health Care workers and “ declared an impasse. ”

Because union representatives wanted to keep meeting and negotiating and were n’t ready to declare an impasse — their attorney Tuesday filed a banned practice complaint against the regents with the state’s Public Employment Relations Board.

That complaint accuses the board of violating Iowa Code Chapter 20, which laid out at its commencement in 1974 the state’s end to “ promote harmonious and collaborative connections between government and its workers. ” But Democratic lawgivers in 2017 stripped numerous collaborative logrolling rights for utmost public- sector unions removing as obligatory logrolling motifs particulars like recesses, leaves, overtime pay and health and plant safety issues.

Lawgivers kept in stipend as a obligatory logrolling content. And the law still prohibits public employers from refusing to negotiate “ in good faith ” on obligatory motifs or snooping or restraining public workers from exercising their rights which are the violations UIHC union representatives are professing in their complaint.

“ The board can not simply ‘ declare an impasse, ’” attorney Emily Schott Hood told board mediators on behalf of the UIHC union in an dispatch Monday. “ My customer had room to move on obligatory subjects of logrolling, so I ’m not confident that we meet the legal description of impasse. It’s disheartening to see that your customer is refusing to bargain in good faith. ”

In response to questions from The review, board spokesperson Josh Lehman said, “ The board’s platoon has been negotiating with SEIU and are continuing to follow the collaborative logrolling process. There have been exchanges of offers and we’re hopeful that we can come to a voluntary agreement. ”

Although the Service workers International Union of Minnesota and Iowa which goes by SEIU and includes,871 UIHC workers started accommodations asking for a 14 percent rise coming budget time and a 12 percent raise the ensuing time, it lowered the ask in posterior offers. Its most recent offer sought a 10 percent rise coming time and an 8 percent raise the ensuing time.

But the board has n’t budged from its original offer of a1.5 percent minimal pay rise and 3 percent bump for returning workers in both of the coming two times.

The board also refused to bandy adding back into the motifs that could be negotiated but are n’t needed under the law — like plant violence protections; retention impulses; discriminational pay for weekend and late shifts; and leave benefits.

‘ The board won’t agree ’

The board first met with union representativesJan. 18 in a room on the UI lot they had reserved for four hours. The regents ended that meeting after only about 90 twinkles because principal moderator Michael Galloway had a “ conflict that came up. ”

Galloway, who was sharing by phone while driving, said he did n’t know the meeting was going to take as long as it was listed and said the union had “ raised some effects moment that we’d like to take some time to understand to be suitable to completely respond to with our platoon. ”

But when the sides met again in unrestricted sessionJan. 26, the union made a counter offer and the board greeted its original offer, according to the union complaint. Both sides agreed to reconvene last Monday and again onFeb. 23.

But Board of Regents associate counsel Kristin Bauer posted union attorney Schott Hood to present the board’s final offer and to call off the Monday meeting.

still, ” Bauer wrote last Friday, “ If your customer doesn’t accept this offer I feel we’re at an impasse and we should move forward getting a middleman listed.

Schott Hood responded by saying she did n’t know yet whether the union would accept the board’s final offer — holding steady the proposed1.5 percent and 3 percent raises and wanted to continue conversations on other motifs.

Galloway responded to that, saying the board wo n’t bandy any of the other motifs.

“ You have entered the board’s final offer and the board won’t agree to the addition of any fresh language particulars, ” he wrote. “ The board has declared an impasse and if you’re unfit to accept the final offer also you should do to agreement. ”

Neither side so far has not taken way toward agreement.

Nursing pay
UIHC nursers vented enterprises last month over low morale as staffing situations blench in comparison to rising patient demand. They reported more patient violence, waning provocation to pick up redundant shifts and associates leaving to come traveling nursers.

The full- time average base payment for UIHC staff nursers is about$,000 — a figure that varies depending on experience, officers told The review in October. trippers make further both regionally and nationally, while also entering benefits from their agencies, according to trade publications and pool reclamation associations.

The average traveling nanny payment in Iowa in 2023 is$,366, below the public normal of$,818 and below other Midwest states like Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to ZipRecruiter.

For average staff nanny pay, ZipRecruiter reported, Iowa ranks eighth smallest with an average periodic pay of$,854 — below all other Midwestern countries, including Nebraska and Illinois.