Florida State University’s first- semester retention rate hits record 99

A record 99 of first- time undergraduates who started at Florida State University last fall returned for the spring semester, one of the stylish first- semester retention rates in the country and another index of FSU’s public leadership in pupil success.

FSU’s major first- semester retention, in a class of further than,000 scholars, is among the loftiest in the nation at both public and private universities, according to FSU’s Office of Institutional Research, which monitors registration and tracks retention rates between times and semesters.

“ The record high fall- to- spring retention rate represents the university’s excellence and upward instigation, ” said President Richard McCullough. “ I ’m thankful to all the devoted faculty and staff who work every day to make sure our scholars thrive then and have numerous reasons to stay. ”

At public four- time institutions, the most lately recorded average retention rate from first to alternate fall was 82, according to theU.S. Department of Education.

High retention from fall to the spring semester may gesture also positive figures for long- term retention rates and, eventually, scale rates for the newest cohort of FSU scholars, according to Joe O’Shea, associate provost and doyen of the Division of Undergraduate Studies. The first time generally garners the loftiest waste rates, so fall- to- spring retention bodes well for unborn semesters.

“ We’ve shaped an excellent and distinctive literacy experience then at FSU, ” O’Shea said. “ From the moment scholars arrive, we help them find community, instructors, academic support and enrichment openings. ”

FSU recorded its stylish six- time scale rate last time at 85 and achieved its fourth successive time as a Top 20 public public university according toU.S. News and World Report, which includes retention and scale data in its assessment.

The university has invested in a broad variety of programs and enterprise designed to help scholars have a positive experience.

An Engage 100 course – needed for the first time in Fall 2022 – places first- time scholars into small, immersive, tutor- guided academic cohorts that help them find support and community as they transition to FSU.

The Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement( CARE) serves first- generation council scholars with a range of programs, including a new living- learning community, where scholars live together in a hearthstone hall and benefit from technical coaching, advising and training services.

The new assignation-only Hunt Scholars program launched last fall offers scholars from under- resourced communities fresh support as they transitioned to FSU and a renewable education each time for over to four times for sharing in the Hunt Scholars experience.

Programs designed to challenge and engage, similar as the Honors Program and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, grew this time.

So did enterprise created to enhance academic support, similar as Academic Advising and the Learning Assistant Program, in the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, which trains peer leaders to work in cooperation with faculty to maximize the literacy that takes place in the classroom.

O’Shea added that when the university retains its scholars and ensures they graduate on time, taxpayers of Florida benefit, too.

FSU won 15 Florida TaxWatch Productivity Awards in 2022, the most garnered by any institution in the State University System.

“ We’ve a responsibility to the scholars, their families and the State of Florida to deliver a world- class education to all our scholars from day one, ” O’Shea said. “ We ’ve designedly cultivated an experience that engages, challenges and supports all of our scholars to grow to their full eventuality. ”