Apps for running: which one to choose to clear your head during revisions?
Apps for running: which one to choose to clear your head during revisions?

All students know it: when you start higher education, it is not always easy to practice, or to continue to do a sport. However, sport is good for health, as it is for morale: it is important to practice regular physical activity. What could be better than running, the famous jogging or jogging, to keep your body in shape on a budget and clear your head during revisions? Physical activity par excellence for urbanites, undoubtedly even more enjoyable when it is practiced in the countryside, running is undoubtedly the number 1 sport of the French and the darling of the students. Today, we're going to tell you about the best apps for running, the best allies for boosting your performance and your motivation!
Our selection of the best apps for running

A few things to know before talking about the best applications for running: running is a complete sport that works cardio well, builds muscles and allows you to lose calories. You can run anywhere and keep fit easily, working your whole body.

But be careful: to avoid damaging your knees or back, it is important to choose suitable sneakers. We forget about the city sneakers that are too flat and we choose shoes with a good sole, adapted to the frequency of running and the running conditions (running on asphalt is not equivalent to running on a dirt road). Running can be done on a low budget, of course, but you have to choose the right equipment. This goes for shoes, but also for your running shorts (or your tights): jogging in good conditions requires quality equipment, even if you are a “Sunday runner”. We are thinking in particular of the thermal tights planned for winter, which keep you in good condition when you run in very cold weather!

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We start our little tour of applications with Runstatic, or rather Adidas Running by Runstatic. This app has the advantage of presenting a very complete free version and is unanimous among users for the quality of what it offers. Obviously, the application records your performance (duration of the race, average pace, distance covered, altitude difference, calories burned) and the route of your race. But Runstatic also allows you to set goals to stick to (in terms of kilometers run, time or times you will run, per day, per month or even per year). The statistics offered by the application are precise, as is the GPS, and in addition to that, you can download (always free) a voice file that allows you to have a voice coach who will give you directions throughout the trip. race. Small bonuses: the screen that locks during the race (to avoid cutting the tracking of your jogging) and the fact of being able to follow the performance of your friends!

Note: the premium, paid version is also relatively accessible (a little less than 60 euros per year, or 10 euros per month), allowing you to access real training programs adapted to your goals (losing weight, prepare for your school's future half-marathon…).
Nike + Running or Nike Run Club

A big competitor of Adidas, Nike has also released its running app: formerly Nike + Running, it was renamed Nike Run Club. We appreciate here the speed of setting up the application (we go for a run in just 2 clicks, no headache on the setting) and the "automatic pause" feature which allows you not to touch your phone to pause the race, and restart it when you start again. There too, there is a social network where you can share your performances. You can't set goals like in Adidas Running by Runstatic, but Nike Run Club levels you up (like a video game, from a certain number of kilometers run) and allows you to participate , or not, to challenges. Ideal for motivating yourself!

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Strava is another well-known (and arguably my favorite) running app. Super easy to use, it doesn't offer a vocal coach who gives advice during the race (like Runstatic): but since I prefer to listen to my Spotify playlist to exercise without being disturbed, that doesn't bother me at all! Strava records your performance like other apps and also allows you to integrate a connected watch. Strava is the best application for the sharing side: it allows you to rename your races when you share them with your friends, to integrate photos … and it records your performance in running, but also in walking, cycling, electric bike, skiing , climbing, swimming for waterproof phones… in short, a multitude of sports. If you want to set goals, you will need the paid version; but Strava is already very complete and intuitive in the free version!

Overall, users are very happy with Runstatic, Nike Run Club and Strava, which have millions of downloads and a huge number of active users. You can easily download them, from Apple Store as well as from Google Play. If you want to get started running, start by downloading one of these three apps, whichever appeals the most to you. If it suits you, just keep this one: no need to have 36 running apps, which overlap quite widely!
Decathlon Coach

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Decathlon Coach is a very good app, but it's less thought of as a running app: it's more of an app that we recommend if you want to work out at home. The big advantage of this App is the sports sessions offered there and the (free!) Programs that allow you to do pilates, gymnastics, stretching at home (etc.) with the explanatory videos. . But when it comes to racing, the functionalities are still fairly basic: if you want to run, we recommend that you install one of the three applications above!

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Less well known, PoteSport is the last running (and playing sports) app in our quick tour. It’s a little different from the others because it’s not really meant to record your performance. Its principle is quite simple: it allows you to find sports partners around you: whether for a jogging session or another sport. The application allows you to chat to organize your jogging, arrange a meeting point and motivate the two of you! It also includes sports events that have been shared by sports clubs or associations and to which you can go. However, we recommend that you take care when discussing with a potential future “sports buddy”: as with any application that puts individuals in touch with each other, we can unfortunately have bad encounters.

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